What We Provide

What We Provide

Sample-ArchivingWe have provided sample storage to the medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries for over 15 years. Our extensive experience in the sample storage field provides us with a real understanding of how to manage your material safely and effectively.

We have the capacity to store at ambient (15-25°C), refrigerated (2-8°C), -20°C, -80°C and liquid nitrogen vapour phase (-196°C). All of our storage units, and our -20°C  freezer room, are constantly monitored and are protected by our trained response team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We ensure all equipment is regularly maintained and tested to give our facility the reliability you would expect from your own.

We are complaint with GMP (Annex 13), GDP (2013/c 343/01) and GLP (Schedule 1) and ensure our operating procedures are in keeping with industry standards by a continuous process of review and renewal. Our internal auditing processes maintain standards and provide continuous training and development to protect your samples.

We provide both long and short term storage, working closely with you to meet your own personal requirements. Additionally, we can provide stability testing at all temperatures and retention sample storage of IMP.

We aim to be as flexible as possible, helping tailor our facility to fit with your needs. Our custom database allows us to reliably store all the information you need to identify your samples. We also believe in being transparent. With Cryostore there are no hidden costs or additional fees for the services we provide.

Our data recording is presented in a simple and clear format to make sure your audit trail is complete and easy to follow. We can provide reports electronically and physically depending on your preference.

Our maintenance and test procedures form part of our daily operations. Combined with our extensive systems of work they cover every eventuality. Our procedures are adaptable, reliable and allow us to maintain the security and safety of every sample.

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