Safety and Security

Safety and Security


Our facility is fully alarmed and monitored by our temperature, power, CCTV and intruder systems. In the event of an alarm there is a 24/7 alarm response team on standby. In the event of power outages our on-site generator will automatically power all units and systems. All of our monitoring systems are regularly maintained and tested to ensure their function and reliability.

The building is protected and regularly checked by on site park security outside of office hours. All freezers are locked when not being accessed by staff to prevent any unauthorised access to material stored at Cryostore.

All samples received at Cryostore are treated as high priority and are processed immediately upon arrival. Our procedures minimise exposure to any temperature deviations above or below designated storage parameters.

Our unique inventory management system provides a full and traceable audit trail for your samples, allowing you to follow their location for the duration of storage at our facility.

We aim to be an extension of your facility and wish to make your sample storage with us as simple and accessible as possible.

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