Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Biotech-StorageWe operate a bespoke inventory and sample tracking system that allows sample data to be recorded in accordance with your requirements. This allows for simple offsite management of your inventory and easy identification and retrieval of your samples.

Inventory and storage unit temperature data can be provided regularly on either a monthly or quarterly basis, or on request at any time. This allows our clients to retain a full audit trail for their records in accordance with their own requirements.

Cryostore employ a custom designed logging and barcoding system which means you retain a clear and traceable location history for all your material from when it arrives to when it leaves Cryostore. This ensures the temperature data you receive is accurate and reliable for each freezer allocated to you. All of our freezers are UKAS calibrated to ensure accuracy.

Our staff are available to deal with all inventory and sample enquiries. When calling Cryostore you will always talk to one of our professional and knowledgeable staff.

We offer short term storage, long term archiving and disaster recovery services. Our focus on customer service means we always make sure that our facility caters to your exact requirements. All samples are stored in custom built storage boxes to ensure physical separation, protection and to maximise efficiency, ensuring our storage facility is cost effective and affordable.

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