Moving your samples where they need to be.As well as sample storage we have over 10 years experience in global logistics and temperature controlled shipments. Working with all major and recognised couriers we are practiced at ensuring your material gets to where it needs to be, on time and safely.

We can arrange transportation of your material to or from anywhere in the world, working with your preferred choice of carrier to ship your samples where they need to go. Our operating procedures ensure the safety and security of your samples providing an audit trail from when we receive your material to when it returns to you.

In the event of the material in storage no longer being required, we can arrange to have material sent for destruction. We work with licenced clinical waste disposal services, ensuring the material is disposed of in accordance with industry regulations.

We utilise only the best, most energy efficient and highest quality equipment available. All freezers are continuously maintained on site to protect your material. Our onsite generator provides emergency power and further protection to give you peace of mind that your material is always safe with Cryostore.

Our temperature monitoring system provides reliable data for your audit trail. Our system and units are routinely calibrated and temperature mapped to ensure the data you receive is dependable and consistent.

Our response teams are regularly tested to ensure alarms are handled in a professional and efficient way. This is to ensure that in the event of an incident our staff are as prepared as they can be to safeguard your material. Back up storage units are allocated, so in the event of a unit failure, all material can be quickly transferred. This minimises exposure to any temperature deviations and keeps your material safe.

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