GxP Compliant

GxP Compliant Approved Storage

We have approval to store GMM (genetically modified material) and are approved to store any material up to and including Category 3 Biohazard. We also have a Home Office controlled drugs licence.

Strict handling procedures are followed to insure the safety of all material stored at Cryostore. We follow MHRA guidelines to make sure our facility maintains the standards expected by the industry and our clients.

We maintain these standards to ensure any material stored with us is treated with the same level of careWEB GXP HANDS BANKER you would expect from your own facility. To ensure standards are kept to the highest level we have a process of continuous quality auditing in place. This allows us to review and improve on all processes and instigate constant monitoring and improvement to our systems (CAPA).

Our staff are trained in GxP compliance as part of our structured operating system to ensure that they not only act on SOPs but understand the regulations behind them. We believe that staff excellence is key to providing you with the best quality service. This gives you peace of mind that your material is handled in the most professional way.

We provide rapid sample return, as and when required, to ensure samples are where they need to be and when. With extensive global experience of sample shipping and receiving, we are highly proficient at tracking and monitoring the location of your material at any point in transit.

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